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The 10 Most Inspirational Movie Montages

Filmmakers use montages to convey information quickly. But they're always better when they inspire us, too. Check out some of the most moving montages in the history of cinema, and for more uplifting material, have a chat with the Wendy's Motivational Chicken.

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1. Daniel Triumphs In "The Karate Kid"

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Despite his size and months spent fooling around with car wax, little Daniel finally gets revenge on the Cobra Kai guys at the all-valley tournament. But the work he did on behalf of bandanas is still his greatest accomplishment.

2. Vivian Shops In "Pretty Woman"

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After a horrendous woman boots her from her boutique, Vivian returns to Rodeo Drive with Edward and gets the new wardrobe she deserves. She lived out every women's fantasy of shopping without monetary restraint, and openly spitting in the street.

3. Forrest Runs In "Forrest Gump"

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If these six minutes of watching Forrest Gump run across the country doesn't make you want to whip out your credit card and register for a marathon, you are an atrocity.

4. Rocky Trains Naturally In "Rocky IV"

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Drago trains using steroids and high-tech equipment, but Rocky is honest and gets in shape by cutting down trees, lifting boulders, and carrying logs through fresh powder. But it's curious how they both agreed to some "no hydrating" thing.

5. Tony's Rise To Power In "Scarface"

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Houses and beautiful women all indicate that you've "made it" in life, but you certainly know you're making progress when you're comfortable carrying a duffel bag over your shoulder in public.

6. Bruce Wayne Learns To Fight In "Batman Begins"

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Following the death of his parents Bruce Wayne relocates to South Asia, where Ra's Al Ghul teaches him to fight. He eventually learns to channel his grief into combat, but unfortunately never figures out that ice stuff.

7. Ren Teaches Willard To Dance In "Footloose"

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Almost everything's changed since the '80s, but true friendship is still when one man will devote all his time to teaching another man to dance.

8. Spring Training In "Rudy"

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"Rudy" is definitely one of the most emotional montages in movie history. All he wants to do is play football, and those coaches can't do anything but give him the side-eye.

9. Carl & Ellie In "Up"

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But if Rudy doesn't bring you to tears, Carl and Ellie will. These four minutes depicting the relationship between two computer generated humans are truly relentless in their pursuit of your heartwrenching discomfort.

10. The Montage From "Team America: World Police"

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This one's a little different than all the others, but it definitely says something about the importance of self-awareness!

11. Inspired By The Wendy's Motivational Chicken

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But humans aren't the only ones who can motivate. To see another kind of species take a crack at it, head over to the Wendy's Motivational Chicken.