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Here's What Went Down When Wendy's Sent The "AM To DM" Boys On A Road Trip Across America

As longtime BFFs, AM to DM's Isaac and Saeed have always wanted to go on a road trip, and Wendy's made it happen! See how they made the most of America.

Using the hashtag #MakingTheMostOf, the AM to DM boys wanted to create a Twitter travel show to tour the country.

So they set off in a van, along with a Wendy's food truck (which Saeed named "Pearl"), on the greatest trip of their friendship.

Of course the Wendy's food truck wasn't enough; there had to be a few fuel stops at Wendy's locations along the way.

First stop was San Francisco, where the boys rejoiced in climbing their first Golden City hill.

Isaac had lived here for six years, so he was excited to visit Zeitgeist, whose owner, Todd, gave him his first-ever job.

He also introduced Saeed to artist Wendy MacNaughton, who has collaborated with Isaac on a few projects in the past...

...including the matching tattoos the boys have.

Next, they headed north to Portland, Oregon, where they immediately got lost in its well as its traffic.

But their trials through the Portland streets inspired them to get *drumroll* ANOTHER matching tattoo, this time a '90s friendship tattoo from artist Lisa Szot.

Then it was off to Powell's, the world's largest independent bookstore and a Portland institution.

The Portland excursion concluded with a photo shoot at International Rose Test Garden.

In Seattle, they had a quick chat on Bainbridge Island with author Jon Mooallem.

Then they decided to catch some fish — well, after it was tossed to them at Pike Place Market.

You can't do Houston without a pair of good boots, and the best place for all the boys' cowpoke needs was Cavender's.

There's nothing better than using a road trip as an excuse to connect with online friends, so Isaac and Saeed were thrilled to meet longtime Twitter pal Kirsten Baptiste in real life!

While in Chicago, the two took a river cruise through the city to admire its architecture.

They followed this up with a tranquil walk by Lake Michigan (which pairs nicely with sea-salted Wendy's fries).

Music is extremely important to the fabric of Nashville, so naturally their first stop was The Bluebird Cafe, which has kicked off the careers of so many country music stars.

Since they were in town, the boys took the opportunity to hang with some of Saeed's old friends, who convinced Saeed to reveal his real first name.

And you know there were more Wendy's stops for more road trip 4 for $4s along the way!

The last stop on the tour was Pittsburgh, and what's more Iron City than touring Carrie Blast Furnaces National Historic Landmark, an old iron factory that's a remnant of the city's industrial past?

Another Pittsburgh highlight was The Duquesne Incline, a funicular originally built to bring cargo up and down a mountain...and now it's used to post pics on social media.

All images provided by AM to DM.

From coast to coast and in between, the AM to DM guys made the most of their road trip by connecting with friends, new and old, and learning the unique histories and rhythms of each city.

Follow the rest of their adventures on Twitter. And make the most of any adventure of your own with the Wendy's 4 for $4 meal!

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