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Wendy's Invited The "AM To DM" Boys To Their Test Kitchen To Make The Most Extra Burger

Isaac and Saeed couldn't wait to meet the team that created all the legendary Wendy's menu options in the 4 for $4 meal. Impossibly, the Wendy's culinary team even helped them create their own Wendy's menu, AM to DM–style!

Ever wonder where Wendy's comes up with all their delicious menu items? So does everyone! That's why the AM to DM boys went to Columbus, Ohio, to check out the Wendy's Test Kitchen.

Instead of Wendy's just giving them a tour, stuffing them full of burgers, and then rolling them out of there...

...Wendy's also put the boys to work behind the fryer to make their own Wendy's menu items — and their creations were decidedly extra.

Here's what Isaac and Saeed came up with:

The Isaac Burger

Oh, ya, he also topped them with bourbon barrel ale–battered onion straws.

The Saeed Frosty

The AM to DM Special

Finally, as a necessary cool-down from all that fire, the boys enjoyed a frozen orange treat with the Wendy's culinary team.

With the help of Wendy's, the boys of AM to DM are taking a road trip to find the tastiest cities in the country. Follow their adventures on Twitter!

While you won't have the Wendy's culinary team behind you, you can create your own meal with eight great choices in the 4 for $4 meal!

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