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These Food Fails Will Make You Do A Serious Facepalm

We've all had our kitchen mishaps! Avoid a DIY meal slip-up and head to Wendy's for their Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad instead.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the moments when a valiant attempt at whipping up something to eat turned into a funny, embarrassing, or totally epic food fail. Here's what they gave us.

1. A pre-made lasagna that didn't actually make dinner easier:

Lasagna spilled all over oven

2. An egg that's seen better days:

Pieces of a runny poached egg

3. Not one, but TWO unsuccessful tries for what should have just been simple toast:

4. Chocolate chip cookies that may just be the true definition of a hot mess:

Chocolate cookie batter burnt in the pan

5. A particularly toothsome cheesecake:

"I had just moved into my first apartment around Thanksgiving, so I decided to bring a cheesecake, fresh out of my own brand-new kitchen, to my family's celebration. I don’t have a mixer, so I used a plastic fork. While mixing, I mysteriously couldn’t find the fork I had been using, so I grab another. Cheesecake turns out great, and I take it to my family’s house. My grandma cuts into it and the knife doesn’t go through. Well...I had baked not one, but TWO plastic forks into the cheesecake. No one wanted to eat it."


6. An omelet shortcut gone awry:

An undercooked omelette in tin foil

7. A chocolatey collapse:

A collapsed chocolate cake

8. A pan-less pizza predicament:

"I tried to make a pizza without a pan, just placing a heavy pizza on the oven rack. The dough broke and cheese, sauce and toppings fell and started a fire. The house smelled sooo bad! It was so bad, the self-cleaning oven feature wouldn’t fix it. I had to scrub the bottom of the oven.


9. A pie that decided it wasn't into the traditional pie look:

A misshapen pie

10. Some meatball meat blobs:

Meatballs that look like blobs

11. A makeshift marinara:

"So, I am not the best chef ever. I figured if you are out of pasta sauce, then ketchup, with some spices, is the next best thing. Well, no one in my family agreed with me on that statement. (If I’m being honest, it really wasn’t that bad!)"


12. A mug and a mess:

A chocolate mug cake that exploded in the microwave

13. And a sourdough that didn't exactly rise to the occasion:

A flat mound of sourdough bread

Making food is hard, people. Forget the hassle! The Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad requires just one step: a trip to Wendy's.

Wendy's Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad