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Jack White Is Doing Everything Better Than You

Having just released his second solo album, Lazaretto, Jack White is kicking ass and taking names in so many ways.

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He recorded his music in the most hipster way possible.

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Jack White's ultra LP is a 12-inch vinyl record that boasts a reverse groove, "holograms", the dual groove, and under the label grooves.

He's wants people to live in the moment at his shows.

According to a posting on, Jack has asked that people please refrain from taking pictures or video during shows because it obstructs the views of other attendees. Furthermore, Jack emphasized his desire for concert goers to experience the show with their own eyes.

He will play literally anywhere.

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While touring with the White Stripes, Jack and Meg played on a boat in Charlottetown and on a bus in Winnipeg. It seems Jack still has a taste for the spontaneous. He played a pop up set at Outside Lands back in 2012 and in the parking lot of SXSW in 2011.

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