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6 Great Horror Movies You've Never Heard Of

Some great pieces of scary, gory, and downright crazy horror cinema that don't get the hype they deserve. Please hold onto all limbs as you enter the dungeon of doom.

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1. Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Trick 'r Treat is an anthology horror film centered around Halloween themed stories . Little Sam the trick-or-treater makes guests appearances in each story, and by the end you want those who transgress against Halloween tradition to get what they deserve.

Best part: Watching Sam judge everybody in this movie.

2. Grave Encounters (2011)

Canadian filmmakers the Vicious Brothers follow fictional ghost hunters as they film yet another episode of Grave Encounters inside a haunted psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately, as with all good horror movies, things start to go south and the poop hits the fan when they begin to get picked off one by one by spirits who haunt the hospital.

Best part: Anytime T.C. the cameraman says anything.

3. The Signal (2007)

An indie American film that simultaneously chronicles the deadly effects of a signal emitted from electronic devices and a young woman's journey to find her lover in this post-apocalyptic playground.

Best part: Two people have a conversation as a man chases other man with a chainsaw silently in background.

4. V/H/S (2012)

In V/H/S delinquents break into a house only to discover a truly disturbing collection of V/H/S tapes with stories that follow serial killers, mysterious monsters, visitors from outer space, and more.

Best Part: Watching a naked bro try to defend himself from a man eating monster with a shower rod.

5. The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes release was very limited, and as of 2014 there are no DVDs available, making it all the more interesting for horror buffs to track down. This film takes viewers on a journey with police as they work through hundreds of tapes shot by the killer on his vicious endeavors in Poughkeepsie, New York. Many of the murders shown in the movie were inspired by actual events from different serial killers around the U.S.

Best Part: The whole movie is good but leaves you off kilter for day or two after watching it.

6. Excision (2012)

Excision stars Annalynne McCord (Yes, it's Naomi from 90210) as Pauline, a troubled high school students who dreams of being a surgeon and desperately seeks approval from her overbearing mother. Pauline only seems to be accepted by her sister who is plagued by the effects of cystic fibrosis.

Best Part: When Pauline tries to improve her sister's medical condition, only for it to go terribly wrong.

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