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    Successful SEO Strategies For 2017

    In order to formulate a workable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for the year of 2017, there is a need to be aware of the prominent trends in terms of the changing dynamics of SEO industry and the user’s preference and change one is expected to address. Therefore, this article will facilitate you in developing a winnable SEO strategy

    Increasing Features of Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

    In the backdrop of the changes, and the addition of new types of the data and markup, there are a number of new types that have not been utilized by the content producers widely. To put simply, the popular search engine only responds to the popular or most frequently asked queries, however, if one delves deeply into the database, it becomes clear that there is a need to work on the overlooked aspects or types of the data.

    Emphasis on Quick Answers

    Although the increasing role of mobile in the lives of the users is responsible for driving this shift, however, the desktop users have also shown the trend or inclination towards finding quick answers to the queries. This means that if you are a content producer, there is a need to work on those topics or subject that would provide the users with efficient answers which are not only short or easy to comprehend, but they also convey the gist or essence of the query to the users.

    Intent-Driven Data

    Generally, it is believed that the intent of the user is something that cannot be traced out easily, however, if one surveys the broad trends in the SEO industry, its shows that the focus from the keywords to the estimating the intent of the user will define the dynamics of the market. This means that the mechanisms to identify or determine the intent of the user will be a highlight of 2017

    Complete Answers

    The focus on the comprehensiveness of the answers to the user queries have been a persistence part of the Amazon SEO strategy, however, the stress on quick answers may divert some of the content producers from formulating or compromising on the comprehensiveness of the answers. Therefore, it is important to remember that the content you are producing is not too short or incomplete because it would detract the user or could leave them feeling more confused.

    Quality of User Experience

    Most of the findings of the famous search engines have revealed that the experience of the user is not only restricted to the speed of results, rather the preference of a quality experience is another feature that distinguishes the average website or content producing site from a quality one. This means that the focus on pop-ups and delays in the experience of the user may decrease the traffic and overall ranking of your site. Moreover, if your website runs on the pop-ups or any other inconvenience for the users, the renowned search engine may take action against your product.


    Even though the accuracy of the search consoles cannot be denied, especially if you design and produce data to meet the demands of the fast-paced market dynamics, however, it does not mean that the console or search result or finding of the big search engine is very reliable. In simple words, the data presented by the search engines in terms of the response to your content or certain keywords may be wrong. This is not to discredit or devalue the significance of the finding to help you get an idea of the user needs, however, the main point is to remind that over-reliance on the data or blindly following it may lead you towards inaccuracies or unexpected results.

    Audio Search

    The preference of voice search by the users is relatively a new trend which will unveil the impact and estimated outcomes in the years to come, however, the result of recent researches clearly depicts that the audio search has become a trend which will continue to impact the SEO market in this year. In other words, if you are looking for new or untapped markets in the SEO industry, you could work on developing the content that would respond or cater the needs of the users who prefer an audio search over the traditional options

    Content for Loyal Users

    Digital marketing broadly address the point which would attract the attention of the users, however, the new finding are reflecting that all those SEO experts who are creating content that grabs the attention of the users in a such a way that they become a frequent or loyal visitors, those experts tend to do well in the market over those whose website is visited by new users every day. This means that content that would help you to secure the user's interest and make them your loyal users of the content will definitely determine the future prospects of your strategies and business in general.

    Role of Branding

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    Branding a product plays a very important to advertise any product, particularly in the digital market, however, if one overview the past trends to compare the products and content that has been packaged well with the plain or non-branded content, the result is quite surprising. For example, if you have a product that is branded and is up to the standards, it is expected to do better than the non-branded products despite the absence of adequate links or endorsements. In other words, the strength of a brand is stronger than the non-brand and if you produce content which is not presented in the best form to the users, they may lose interest it.

    Keywords for Content

    The gap between the keyword phrases and your URL is another domain or areas which would require the attention of the experts in the SEO industry. In simple words, if your content does not have a keyword or right type, the results or search of your content may become irrelevant. Therefore, it is necessary that you work on filling the gap to formulate the best strategy for the year of 2017

    Multiple Small Projects

    If you want to achieve all the desired goals or if you are someone who has struggled to attain the goals in the last year, it is time for you to reformulate your strategy in terms of dividing or breaking down your big goals into small or narrowed projects. The main logic is that you have a specific target in mind, which would be completed within a time frame in accordance with the requirements and with the help of the expertise. If it sounds a little time consuming to you, you may want to look at the long terms benefits and results that would facilitate you in completing impossible tasks.

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