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    16 Reasons Why Living In Oman Ruins Life For You

    Marhaba Habibi!

    1. Because you can't find a ruler as cool and compassionate as the Sultan

    2. Because the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque has taught you the real meaning of being beautiful both on the inside and out

    3. Because you can't find delicious, satisfying, mouthwatering shawarma anywhere else at 3 am

    4. Because the Royal Opera House still leaves you breathless every time you see it

    5. Because you can pick up a sweet date anytime, anywhere

    6. Because every football match victory is reason enough for a nationwide party

    7. Because the Muttrah Souq is the mirror of Oman's rich and colorful heritage

    8. Because you can't find piles of rocks as charming as these anywhere else

    9. Because Oman's wadis are hidden gems in the desert just waiting for you to dive in

    10. Because the Sohar Gate isn't just another gate along the road

    11. Because the roundabouts here are worth stopping for

    12. Because Oman's architecture game is strong, both now and before

    13. Because there is nowhere else in the world where nights are bright, dark, loud and peaceful all at once

    14. Because the Omani flag is a flag that looks gorgeous supersized or minimized

    15. Because it's a place where cultures coexist in the warmth of the Middle East

    And 16. Because it's the only place where the locals' smiles are as bright as the Arabian sun

    Iain Mallory

    So it's time to pack your bags and book the next flight to Oman, where beauty has an address.

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