Are You Emma Or Allie?

Are you more Emma or more Allie

  1. What's you're whole height situation?
    1. I am a short person
    2. I am a tall person
  2. What are your parents like?
    1. Honestly the best. Pretty liberal, but still some room to grow. They are my favorite people.
    2. Honestly the best. Pretty conservative, but very loving. They are my favorite people.
  3. What kind of apartment do you live in?
    1. One bedroom, but I converted the living room into my bedroom.
    2. Two bedroom
  4. Have you shaved your legs in the last two months?
    1. yes
    2. no
  5. Who is your favorite actress?
    1. Sigourney Weaver
    2. Judy Garland
  6. What is your coffee sitch?
    1. french press 4ever
    2. got a big time huge-o coffee maker
  7. Pick one of these things
    1. weed
    2. wine
  8. $$$$$$?????????
    1. I am VERY RICH and I would like for everyone to know
    2. I make a good living, but I’m a recent college graduate working close to minimum wage and I like to be realistic about my finances
  9. Are you going to go get those dang potato chips from the kitchen already?
    1. yes after this quiz
    2. what potato chips?
  10. What kind of neighborhood do you live in?
    1. a ravenswood-y kind of place
    2. more like lakeview

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