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13 Things Only People On Weight Watchers Understand

Weight Watchers members can always spot each other, and not just by their increasingly svelte physiques. Want to see if it would work for you? Try Simple Start, their new 2-week plan to start losing weight right away.

1. Your friends know you always have snacks stashed in your purse just in case.

2. You're in a deeply committed relationship with your pedometer.

3. You know exactly how many ounces of chicken fit in the palm of your hand.

4. And you've figured out how to include exercise into every space you spend time in.

5. You've considered walking a few extra miles for wine...

6. ...or for a little reward when you deserve it the most.

7. You have a special lightweight outfit set aside for your weigh-in day each week.

8. You know the feeling of pure bliss after having all your work lunches figured out ahead of time.

9. You've grown accustomed to people asking "can you really eat that?"

10. You find yourself doing things you thought were impossible effortlessly.

11. You find yourself talking to strangers about how amazing spaghetti squash really is.

12. Light whipped topping is basically your boyfriend at this point.

13. More than anything, people can't put their finger on what's different about you...