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10 Impossible New Year's Resolutions You'll Definitely Give Up On

Never keep your resolutions? Don’t worry. Instead of creating ridiculous resolutions you can’t keep, try something you might actually do, like the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan, a new plan to start losing weight right away.

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2. Giving your master bedroom that makeover you've been talking about since you moved in.

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Tarps, ladders, paint swatches, and fumes — just the thought of all those fumes will be enough to send you into a deep procrastination spiral.

5. Learning how to speak French before your summer trip to Paris.

You may perfect how to pronounce “je ne sais quoi” convincingly, but you can forget about having all that accent aigu and accent grave business anywhere close to mastered by then.

6. Writing more letters and postcards to your friends in other cities.

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Do you know how expensive stamps are these days? Think about the hand cramps you're gonna get! Youch - better rethink this one.

7. Learning how to crochet to make a blanket for your friend/sister/co-worker’s new baby.

Your dog will eat the yarn, your hand will cramp up, and the wonky pot holder you end up with will prove that this is just way too ambitious.