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    The Ultimate List Of Weight Loss Tips

    Are you struggling on your diet? No matter how hard you work, it always seems so tough to keep weight off, or even to lose it in the first place. With the fast paced nature of the modern world, snacking and temptations are never far away. Busy schedules make it tough to exercise, and gym memberships are expensive.

    Let's Lose Weight!

    Are you struggling on your diet? No matter how hard you work, it always seems so tough to keep weight off, or even to lose it in the first place. Well, don't worry. In this article I will lay out some excellent weight loss tips and tricks, so you can shed your weight and keep it off.

    Causes of fat

    Let's start by remembering the causes of fat. Once you know why fat is being put on, you can know how to prevent it. The basics are simple: your weight is largely determined by how many calories you eat and how many calories you burn. Eating too much and exercising too little and you'll put on pounds of excess weight with unsightly belly fat. However, aging also plays a role. Many women find that they maintain good bodies but weight control becomes an issue as they grow older. This is because muscle mass generally reduces as you age, and fat tends to increase. In addition, decreasing levels of estrogen occurs as you age and appears to influence where fat is distributed in the body.

    Diet Plans Are Vital!

    Without a plan of action, you will find it incredibly difficult to lose weight. Experts like the Mayo Clinic and the NHS agree - it is vital to have a Diet Plan. A great example of a diet plan is The Fat Loss Factor . They'll help you shed weight, make you healthier, happier and keep weight off. Do not ignore this vital step!

    Right, now for the tips and tricks:

    Don't be scared of jargon!

    There are lots of complicated works like calories, carbohydrates and more. You've probably learned to hate words like diet and exercise, all these mean are:

    Diet: Eating healthy.

    Exercise: Be more active.

    Make it fun!

    You'll be tempted to cut out all the food you enjoy when you take on a diet. Don't! Allow yourself some treats now and again - just have low portions and keep your overall diet healthy!


    If you like a particular food, look for a low fat version!

    Be honest!

    It's okay if you slip up on your diet - it happens. But be honest with yourself, because you don't win by deceiving yourself.


    Don't feel too bad that you slipped up - try and make up for it!

    Eat healthy food

    Try to focus on plant based products like fruit, vegetables and grains. Choose lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy. Limit saturated fat, commonly found in meat and high-fat dairy like cheese and butter. Aim instead for moderate amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — found in fish, nuts and certain vegetable oils.


    Swap unhealthy snacks like crisps for healthy fruits and vegetables.

    Reduce red meats etc. and replace them with white meats like chicken.

    Low Portion Sizes

    Even when eating healthy foods, consuming too much of it can cause calories to add up. Remember for women your daily calorie count should be below 2,000 calories.


    Order small portions when purchasing food.

    Refrigerate leftovers and save them for future meals, instead of eating them now.

    Increase Your Physical Activity

    Try to include at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. This generally involves walking, biking and swimming.


    Take the stairs at your work, instead of the elevator.

    Try to make time for a run or cycle ride in your schedule - you'll be amazed at the results!

    Count your calories

    A major part of weight loss is the consumption of calories. You can think of calories as the energy you get from food. Too much energy that you don't use gets stored as fat. Reducing calories is the best way to reduce fat.


    Record your calories - you can use pen and paper, or even a mobile app.

    Cut your calories - once you know how much you eat, try to cut 10% out.

    Health Advice

    If you have serious health problems or any health issue which could affect your weight loss we strongly recommend talking to your doctor who may be able to discuss weight loss surgery or medications. You should only consider these after thoroughly discussing the possible risks and benefits of these treatments.


    Modern life is fast paced and stressful. Not everyone has time to develop complex plans and hours to devote to exercise and cooking special meals. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Plans like the Fat Loss Factor , can save you so much time and effort, you'd be amazed! Remember the tips and tricks in the article, plan your diet, and you'll be amazed at the weight you lose!