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The Absolute Smoothest 'Price Is Right' Contestant Ever - This Dude Is A Straight Pimp

From his smooth stroll up from contestant's row to his pimp pose made to the camera, Kenneth has to be one of the coolest 'Price Is Right' contestants EVER.

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Best moments:

:06 - His cat call upon stepping onto the stage will give you the strangest desire to don your clear heeled stilettos and find your nearest ho stroll.

:11 - The open-handed hug is trademark pimp. The one hand must remain open and free in case a pimp hand must be laid down.

"I'm tryna get like you Drew."

:34 - PIMP POSE!

"I ain't never been on T.V. Drew."

1:18 - "From me?"

1:36 - Pimp line of the decade.

2:06 - Another classic pimp pose.

2:18 - "WHO WON WHAT??!!"

Greatest 'Price Is Right' Video EVER!

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