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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    BuzzFeed WKND: 10.09.15

    Fall into fall.

    What We Know So Far

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    FOOD | eat + drink

    21 Delicious Dips You Won't Believe Are Only Three Ingredients

    Here’s How To Make A Giant Jello Shot Like A Goddamn Adult

    7 Quick And Delicious Dinners To Make If You Have No Free Time

    21 Meatless Dinners That Are Perfect For Fall

    People Who Ate Burger King's Black Whopper Said It Turned Their Poop Green

    18 Easy And Delicious One-Pan Breakfasts

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    DIY | create

    22 Obnoxiously Cozy Things That'll Help You Embrace The Cold

    21 Insanely Creative Dollar Store Halloween Costumes That Will Impress Everyone

    10 Life-Changing Things To Try In October

    32 Ridiculously Clever Group Halloween Costumes

    This Genius iPhone Trick Will Help You Clear Your Entire Inbox

    31 Halloween Costumes That Will Scare The Shit Out Of Your Friends

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    STYLE | mix + match

    Demi Lovato Did A Nude, No-Makeup, Unretouched Photo Shoot And It's Everything

    We Put These Cult Beauty Products To The Test

    Models Were 69-Ing During A Fashion Show And It Was Really Something

    25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy

    Here's What You Actually Need To Know About Growing Out Your Hair

    Here's Everything Your Shape Says About You

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    PARENTS | team up

    19 Soul Food Recipes That Are Almost As Good As Your Mom's

    19 Strikingly Beautiful Italian Baby Names That Are About To Take Over

    19 Parents Share Their Most Nightmarish Trick-Or-Treating Stories

    37 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Win Halloween

    16 Messages That Are Basically Sexts For Parents

    29 Frightfully Genius Ideas For The Spookiest Slumber Party Ever

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    HEALTH | be well

    Here's How To Break Up With a Friend Like a Damn Adult

    Here's How To Start Running, Stick With It, And Not Totally Hate It

    Here's Why You Actually Bruise So Easily

    20 Badass Tattoos Inspired By Health And Wellness

    19 Things You Probably Never Knew About Nightmares

    19 Surprising Confessions About Anal Sex

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    TRAVEL | explore

    Here's How You Can Actually Find The Best Local Food When You're Traveling

    This Guy Saw The U.S. For Under $500 And You'll Want To Copy His Trip

    Here's Where Budget Travelers Actually Go On Vacation

    This Is What Halloween Looks Like Around The World

    29 Times Hungover Travelling Is The Absolute Worst

    58 French Villages That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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