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When You're Too Good At Trivia...

We all get there eventually, to that point where no one will play trivia games with you anymore.

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So you & your friends love playing awesome pop culture trivia games, but eventually your trivia skills begin to far surpass everyone else...

Admit it, you get a little cocky.

Eventually after one too many harmless game nights & trivia wins your friends begin to look at you like...

As if you're a ghost & they can't figure out where you've obtained all this imminent knowledge.

Because your trivia abilities are just far superior to everyone else & you know your pop culture better than you know yourself.

So you attempt to hold back your skills & try & give them a chance to get a question right.

(Because you're just a really generous person).

But when they're struggling with an answer that you know is soooooo obvious & it kills you to witness this.

Seriously if they don't get this right I'm going to combust!

& eventually you just can't hold it in anymore.

Nailed it.

& once again you're back to your friends refusing to play with you & you revert to other board games where they actually stand a chance.

(Ugh but there aren't any movie references in Settlers of Catan).

But it's okay because you know inside that your supieriority is appreciated & your trivia skills will come in handy someday & you'll end up being the pop culture hero that everyone has been waiting for.

You Flawless.

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