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If Actors From The 2014 Oscars Were Cast In A Wedding Party

Last night, as we watched the celebrities dazzle us on the Red Carpet, we couldn't help but think; this all looks like a very glamorous Oscar-themed wedding. If we had to cast our favorite actors from last night as a star-studded, wedding party, here's how we'd do it ...

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Angelina Jolie as The Mother of The Bride

Besides her impeccable posture, Angelina has a certain regal-ness about her in this metallic Elie Saab dress. The dress appears conservative but the hints of skin and tattoos underneath the mesh sleeves and the daring back makes for a MOTB dress no one will forget.

Mama's still got it!

Charlize Theron as the Less Than Enthused Mother of The Groom

"I have to be here, I don't have to like it but I WILL look good not liking it."

Her baby boy is getting married and she's not particularly happy about it. So, Charlize put on the fiercest, black designer gown she could have designed, slicked her hair back to show off that fabulous jawline, added some liner to intensify the "not good enough for my son" scowl and hit the Red Carpet with a vengeance. If she had added a fierce red lip, we could NOT have even handled it!

Matthew McConaughey as The Father of The Groom with The New Wife, Camilla Alves

Matthew showed up looking like a proud dad with his gorgeous wife on his arm. Let's face it; Charlize Theron is fierce competition, you have to pull out all the stops to hold your own at this wedding. Camilla came with poise, elegance and a dress gorgeous enough to stop even the bride in her tracks.

The new wife is HERE, honey!

Kate Hudson as the Groom's Ex-Girlfriend

There's no other way to put it, Kate Hudson showed up as a woman with a vendetta. The draped and silky Atelier Versace gown, the side swooped hair, that figure; everything about her screams, "Here's what you're missing honey, but congratulations anyway!" Plus, she's wearing white.

We see what you did there, Kate!

Sandra Bullock as The Maid Of Honor

Sandra Bullock is a vision of that old Hollywood glamour is this divine, navy gown by Alexander McQueen. We'd want her to be our maid-of-honor. Plus her speech is going to be super sweet and a little awkward and you love that about her!

Meryl Streep as The Wedding Officiant

Who wouldn't go to a wedding officiated by THE Meryl Streep? Besides Cam from Modern Family, we'd be lining up to attend that wedding; especially when the officiant is so stylish.

Jared Leto as The Groom

It's his big night! He's so excited to walk down the "red" aisle, he even let his hair down. The satin, red bow-tie and breast piece add a touch of glam and helps him to stand out. Aww, we're so happy for you Jared.

Lupita Nyong'o as The Bride

Of course, no one had a doubt in their mind that the bride of the night would be Lupita in a Cinderella styled, soft blue gown designed specifically for her by Prada. Paired with simple earrings and a jewelled hair band, Lupita looks like bridal royalty floating down the Red Carpet.

She's so beautiful, we could cry!

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