14 Ideas For Your Summertime Wedding Day - Sparklers

Get the sparks flying on your big night..!

1. Sparklers are fun for everyone.

2. Tag your sparklers.

Super cute!!

3. Presentation is everything.

This bride certainly has Style.

4. Hot weddings need cool drinks.

5. The Procession Begins

6. This is how you get the sparks flying :D

7. The wedding is only as fun as the After Party

8. A little party for Two

9. Kickin the habit?

10. It looks so much like a fairy tell ending…

Those sparklers are huge.!

11. Nice GIF idea

They score big points for unique ideas for sparkler pictures.

12. Here they come.

Down the sparkler tunnel

13. And they’re Off.

Indeed it was a good night.!

14. Is this real?

Sparkling time lapse photography.

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