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Great Pumpkins

What does it take to qualify as a "Great Pumpkin"? Well, since it took a weight of at least 1,400 pounds to make the top 5 of this year's New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, 1400 pounds should probably be a minimum requirement. But, this year's winner at 1,674 1/2 pounds only qualified as the 4th (strike that) 5th (strike that) 6th best pumpkin to be weighed (so far). Which means that if your massive pumpkin weighs under 1,5000 pounds, it's probably not a capital g Great Pumpkin. Keep trying, and start with a seed from the world record holder's line, like this year's Great Pumpkin grower Steve Connolly did. You're unlikely to see any of these Great Pumpkins flying through the air, though. Big Ten inch would need to be renamed Big Ten foot to stand a chance with these monsters!

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  • 1. World's Largest Pumpkin - 1725 Pounds

    Grown last year by Christy Harp.

  • 2. Don Young's 1658 Pounder

    This one is from last year. Iowa to California is a long commute with 1600+ pounds of baggage!

  • 3. Don Young's 1,662 Pounder

    From 2007 (not sure the image is correct, since it leads to the story but doesn't appear in it)

  • 4. Steve Connolly's 1568 Pounder Sprang A Leak

    In 2008, Steve Connolly's pumpkin sprang a leak and was disqualified.

  • 5. Joe Jutras With A 1689 Pounder

    The 2007 World record holder.

  • 6. Bob Liggett's 1,635.5 Pounder

    From last year.