Richard Clarke Interview On 9/11 Intelligence Failures

The site Secrecy Kills is temporarily shut down due to threats of possible Federal prosecution if they release their scheduled investigative podcast as intended. So, in the meantime let's all watch their interview with Richard Clarke about 9/11 intelligence failures, since we can't watch the full "Who is Rich Blee" as planned. More links to related interviews and stories here.

wecanchangetheworld • 6 years ago

Lunar Eclipse Tonight - End Of The World?

They may have miscalculated the day on which the Mayan Calendar (and perhaps the world as we know it) ends; it might be tonight, not two years from now! So, in celebration of an astrologically powerful total lunar eclipse on the solstice and the release in the near future of my divination website, I'm sharing a preview of some of the predictions/connections which my website will facilitate. Provided, of course, that the world doesn't end before I get it up and running! Hat tips to sacred texts for Tarot interpretations and hey, what's that for rising stars at eclipse totality in different locations. The words for each location are calculated using numerology and sacred texts.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

John Lennon's Last Interview

Rolling Stone is publishing in its entirety John Lennon's final interview for the first time to mark the 30th anniversary of his death. Featured on their site are links to a free iTunes podcast of the interview tapes, videos, an exeprt from a new documentary which airs tonight, pictures and more. (( ojo ))

wecanchangetheworld • 7 years ago

The Princess Bride With Lightsabers

How do you make what is arguably the greatest swordfight scene of the last 25 years (at least) even better? Add lightsabers. Only one problem -- two different internet artists have taken on the task and it still doesn't quite cover all the fighting. Very, very close, though! Thanks to topless robot & Gamma Squad for the initial tip on part 1. [Have you seen better versions? Add yours below!]

tomc6 • 7 years ago

The 10 Most Popular Women On The Web (NSFW Version)

Coed magazine's 50 most popular women on the web article is getting some buzz these days due to the inclusion of Justin Bieber @ #7 on the list. Since rule #34 is no doubt in effect for all of them, I figured I'd just Google Image w/o safe search the top ten names and save you the trouble. Your one stop porn shop.

wecanchangetheworld • 7 years ago

Sean Connery Nude Painting Celebration

Back before Sean Connery became Bond, he posed (mostly nude) for artists and was #3 in the Mr. Universe contest. Now, a previously unseen painting and sketches of Sean in his prime have been found. In celebration, here are some images of him in various states of undress (Andress?) over 5 decades. SFW, unfortunately.

wecanchangetheworld • 7 years ago