I Tested And Ranked The 7 Most Popular Frozen Pizzas


Of all the countless frozen foods out there (and y'all, there are TOO many to count), one meal has always reigned supreme: frozen pizza. 

I wanted to find out the best-of-the-best when it comes to store-bought frozen pizzas. So I blind taste-tested the seven most popular grocery store brands:

For each pizza I tried, I cooked it exactly as instructed on the package. To rate them, I took notes on the flavors and textures, as well as any other thoughts I had. After tasting them all (without looking!), I ranked them.

After all was finally revealedβ€”and let me tell ya, some genuinely SHOCKED meβ€”this is my definitive ranking of frozen pizzas from worst to best. πŸ•

Whole Foods 365 Rising Crust Uncured Pepperoni

This was pretty much one of the most revolting pizza crusts I've ever tasted.

The crust was, dare I say, rubber. I mean it. Tearing into a slice of Whole Foods's "rising crust" pizza was like biting into an old tire. See that layer of dense dough? Yeah, I'll pass.

RATING: 3/10 πŸ•

Trader Joe's Wood Fired Naples Style Uncured Pepperoni

I genuinely think they meant well, but this pizza was drier than a literal desert.

The issue here is that this was very clearly a pre-cooked crust that they scattered sauce, cheese and pepperoni over. So by the time the toppings were melted, the crust was bone dry. 

RATING: 4/10 πŸ•

Tony's Pepperoni

While the crust may be doable (though not at all exciting), the toppings reaaaaally weren't.

My biggest issue with Tony's pepperoni pizza is that the ingredients were...subpar at best. I'd say the sauce and cheese on this one were the most "meh," and the pepperoni itself tasted a bit off.

RATING: 4.5/10 πŸ•

Newman's Own Uncured Pepperoni

I don't entirely understand the hype over this one, but if you like a super thin-crust pizza, I'd definitely suggest it.

I think this pizza really shines when it comes to the ingredients. I can't really believe I'm saying this, but the Newman's Own pepperoni? Exquisite. If really thin crust was my thing, this would be my go-to forever.

RATING: 7/10 πŸ•

Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pepperoni

Frankly, the pepperoni just fell short on this one. That said, the other elements were some of the best I tasted.

The pepperoni wasn't offensive by any means, but it was objectively the greasiest of the bunch. Otherwise, I think this would've been tied for first or second place. πŸ‘€ The crust was the true star of the show. Like, I think it was the best crust I tried?! 

RATING: 8/10 πŸ•

Red Baron Brick Oven Crust Pepperoni

This was the closest frozen pizza to New York-style that I tried.

If you can't already tell, I'm a major crust fanβ€” and this one didn't disappoint. With ooey-gooey cheese, moderately-thin crust, and expertly seasoned sauce, this was a pretty stellar pizza-eating experience.

RATING: 8.5/10 πŸ•

DiGiorno Rising Crust Original Pepperoni

It's not delivery, it's...also the best frozen pizza out there. Hands down.

DiGiorno didn't outright win any category, but it had the best combination of everything that makes a pepperoni pizza delectable. It's fresh, fluffy, and just an overall joy to munch on.

RATING: 9/10 πŸ•

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