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11 Pro Grilling Tips That Will Intensify Your Flavor Profiles

Grilling is the world's most delicious science. Make your grilling even more delicious with expertly crafted flavors from Weber Sauces & seasonings.

1. Use a good, digital, instant-read meat thermometer.

2. Pay close attention to thickness.

3. Flip your burgers only once.

4. Don't season your meat until long before or immediately before cooking.

5. Boneless chicken breast is the griller's kryptonite, but brining and pounding will help.

6. Face the fatty side of your meat toward the heat source.

7. Marinades work better if you gash your meat.

8. Basting is an effective flavor-enhancing technique when done correctly.

9. Grilling fish whole is the easiest way to grill good fish.

10. The "two-zone" setup is your secret to perfectly cooking everything.

11. Lastly: let it rest.

And if you're seasoning your meat, brush it with oil first so all that delicious flavor sticks.

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