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11 Next-Level Burgers You Must Grill Now That Summer Is Here

Bring your taste buds to life with these insane burger recipes. And bring your burger flavors to the next level with Gourmet Burger Seasoning from Weber Sauces and Seasonings!

1. Umami Burger

2. California-Style Chili Burger

3. Strawberry Caprese Turkey Burger

Strawberries are always in season when they're on burgers. Make your sweet tooth smile with this masterpiece.

4. Bacon Guacamole Burger

5. Lasagna Burger

WARNING: This magical mashup will melt in your mouth. Mmmmmake it yourself.

6. Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger

7. Asian Pork Burger

The Asian flavors really bring this burger to life! Make your stomach happy with this juicy recipe.

8. Cuban-Style Burger

9. Cherry Rosemary Cheeseburger

Wake your taste buds up with this extremely unique burger. Top it off with grilled onions and a balsamic glaze, and you'll sleep like a king or queen tonight. Try it here.

10. Pulled Pork Burger

11. Cheese-Bellied Fried Pickle Burger

'Tis the season for grilling delicious burger flavors.