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11 Meat Gifts That Every Carnivore Will Want Immediately

You love to eat. And Weber Sauces & Seasonings will bring all your grilling flavors to the next level.

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1. This American Wagyu flight is a feast for the discerning grill master.

The set includes American Wagyu filet, ribeye, and sirloin. Perfect for a tasting. Get it here.

2. This "burger builder" allows you to combine four different chuck varieties to create your very own custom blend.


Choose from prime chuck, wagyu chuck, short ribs, foie gras, brisket fat, and many, many more. You could spend a lot of time on this one.... Get it here.

4. This Moulard duck breast is a gourmet alternative to chicken — perfect for a special dinner.


The magret, or duck breast, serves two when prepared. It's antibiotic and hormone free, aged seven days, and has been fed a vegetarian diet. Get it here.

5. This nose-to-tail cattle share will ship you every single cut of the steer because wasting food is not part of any carnivore's M.O.


The share includes 55 pounds of 100% pure Angus beef — everything from the sirloin to ground chuck. If you're looking for a reason to throw a huge barbecue, this is it. Get it here.

6. This sampling of exotic game will help your inner-carnivore go wild.


The package includes alligator tenderloins, squab, duck burgers, venison flank steak, wild boar bone-in loin chops, and elk medallions. Now that's a sampler. Get it here.

8. This gourmet burger sampler is perfect for the griller who wants to elevate the basics.


The selection includes four original blend burgers, four short rib burgers, four dry-aged burgers, and four turkey and provolone burgers. Wonder which blend your barbecue guests will crown the victor? Get it here.

9. This dry-aged USDA Prime Black Angus rib roast is a bone-in barbecue blowout.


Look at the marbling on that! The king of roasts is even more splendid when aged. Pat LaFrieda offers 30-, 50-, and 70-day aged roasts to online customers, so you can select the amount of maturation you prefer. Get it here.

10. This gold steak special will truly set a golden standard for your steak.


This collection offers an "astounding" level of marbling — the highest you will find from this purveyor. The flavors are wonderful: buttery, complex, and sweet. Put this one on the bucket list. Get it here.

11. And lastly, for the carnivore who's never full, order a monthly subscription of heritage chops.

The monthly delivery contains 2 to 4 pounds of bison, pork, goat, beef, and lamb — whatever is fresh and most sought-after! Now you'll never be hungry ever again. Get it here.

This summer, give your taste buds something they won't ever forget.

Courtesy of Weber Sauces & Seasonings

That means a great cut of meat seasoned to absolute perfection. Chicago Steak Seasoning from Weber Sauces & Seasonings is expertly crafted for the grill. Salt and pepper are blended with garlic and other flavorful spices to embolden the natural flavor of your favorite steak. Your inner-carnivore will definitely approve.