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    8 Reasons You Should Never Eat Cereal For Dinner Again

    Sometimes you aren't in the mood to cook, but there is no need to turn to that box of Fruit Loops and call it dinner. Try one of these super easy dinner ideas instead, and save the sugar rush for breakfast.

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    1. Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas


    These cheesy triangles of heaven are like pizza except way faster.

    2. White Bean Pesto Soup


    Grab a can opener and you are on your way to eating deliciously healthy soup.

    3. 20-Minute Chili


    This hearty chili is pretty much as easy as browning meat.

    4. Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


    If you have the energy to toast bread, you can make these to-die-for sandwiches.

    5. Ham and Peas Mac and Cheese


    Turn that box of mac and cheese into a one-dish dinner.

    6. 2-Ingredient Pigs in a Blanket


    You only need two ingredients to make your dinner dreams come true.

    7. 5-Minute Tuna and Avocado Salad


    Got five minutes and an avocado? This tuna salad is the perfect meal!

    8. Do Nothing Dinner (AKA Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes)


    This isn't exactly doing nothing, but it's about as easy as boiling water.

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