How You Know You've Found Your Teaching BFF

It's a magical thing.

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The teaching world is fraught with challenges and obstacles. Crazy parents, huge class sizes, faculty meetings that test the limits of your patience. In all of this, it's good to know that someone's got your back. And a spare dollar for a Diet Coke from the vending machine.

(I'm using female pronouns in this post because "he/she" gets old very quickly. But power on, male teachers!)

Here's how you know you've found this special someone:

She can talk you off a ledge.

She’s the one you go to after the tub of glitter was spilled on your floor, your computer deletes the 45-question final you were working on, or you get a passive-aggressive email that was sent school-wide but you know was directed at your department. Ten minutes with her and you're cool as a cucumber again.

She’s got your back.

When you’re about to leave for school and your kid starts projectile-vomiting, you know that all you need to do is text her and she’ll email the principal, make copies of your lesson and help the substitute get situated. Why? Because you’d do the same for her in a heartbeat.

You can have an entire conversation with just a look.

When an administrator shows a slide in his PowerPoint that says, “THIS IS ABOUT COMPLIANCE NOT CREATIVITY,” you turn to her and give her a slow blink, she flares her nostrils and both of you know that nothing else needs to be said.

She shares her most prized supplies with you.

Your friendship runs deep enough that she trusts you with the teaching world’s Least Likely to Be Returned items: Expo markers, duct tape and staplers.

You have fun doing menial tasks together.

Entering grades, cutting up sentence strips, sorting your file cabinet ... somehow these tasks are 90 percent easier and more fun with her there. It’s like parallel play, but for grown-ups.

You keep each other informed about important things.

“No toilet paper in the faculty restroom.”

“Grades are due today.”

“Banana pudding is running low at the luncheon—want me to grab you a bowl?”

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