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    31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

    Looking to refresh your classroom for back to school? Take your pick from 31 flavors of bulletin board.

    1. Wall of Happiness

    Ask your students: "What makes you happy?" Record and display all the answers and you'll have the perfect pick-me-up for tough days.

    2. Great First Lines in Literature

    Flickr: sally_b

    This interactive board displays the first line of a book on each front flap. You lift the flap to see the book title and author. Teacher Sarah Brown's favorite first line? "Countess Judith kept her husband's head in a box." From The Gleemaiden by Sylvian Hamilton.

    3. Attitude Is the Mind's Paintbrush

    Grab a pad of multicolored art paper and you'll have a beautiful and inspiring bulletin board to start the year!

    4. Readbox

    Show off your classroom library with this Redbox-inspired display.

    5. Icebreaker

    On the first day, pass out the Post-Its and ask students to post their answers to fun getting-to-know you questions!

    6. A Homey Classroom

    This house is filled with photos of students and their families. What a great way to make families feel like they're a part of your classroom community.

    7. Top Moments of the Month

    Print photos of learning activities and important classroom moments and make a collaborative timeline!

    8. It's Hulk Approved!

    Show off your students' best work with this mean, green and downright incredible board.

    9. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    Students will love finding their names under the palm tree.

    10. Wise Kindergartners

    Paper plates and construction paper owls and you have the perfect theme for your high flyers.

    11. A Class Full of Stars

    Not very artsy? This is your welcome board! Simple, striking and easy to make.

    12. Like What You See?

    Social media bulletin boards will be big this year. This one leaves room for students to add their "Facebook comments."

    13. A Perfect Fit

    Have each student work on a puzzle piece on the first day or two and then assemble this getting-to-know-you board.

    14. Go Retro!

    Kids and parents alike will love this retro Pacman-inspired back-to-school board.

    15. Share Your Favorite Apps

    Middle schoolers love their phones. Print out large logos for learning, studying and time-management apps you recommend for a quick up-to-date board.

    16. Homage to Van Gogh

    This art room board is so inspiring we just had to share it. To create one like it, have pairs or groups of students work on individual elements.

    17. What Will You Be?

    This back-to-school board is a great conversation starter. Talk to your students about the qualities it takes to be a successful student.

    18. Third-Grade Rules

    Face it: There is no escaping the school-themed puns.

    19. Second-Grade Rodeo

    Love the colors on this wonderful western-themed board.

    20. If You Give a Kid a Book ...

    We love this wall-size board inspired by the kid favorite If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

    21. Wanted: Students for Room 10!

    Look what you can do with a Wanted poster template.

    22. A School of Fish

    Invite your students to design their own ocean creatures and you have the basis for this back-to-school board.

    23. Show Off Your Smiles

    Capitalize on tweens' love of Instagram with this simple board that shows off your first-day class photos.

    24. Up!

    Kids will LOVE this welcome door. Now if you can just keep their hands off the balloons.

    25. SWAG-Happy

    Class expectations: Success, willpower, attitude and goals. Great acronym!

    26. Where's the Teacher?

    What a fun school-wide or grade-wide board. Have students create their own paper people and post a new "Where's __?" question each week!

    27. Left Brain, Right Brain

    Get your students thinking about how their brains work with left- and right-brain-themed bulletin boards.

    28. I Am an Artist

    "I am a reader," "I am a mathematician." So many ways you could go with this theme.

    29. We Are Thankful!

    Each month, choose a different character trait and have students write a few sentences about what it means to them.

    30. Scrabble Wall

    Have a free expanse of wall? Show off your students' work with this Scrabble-inspired board.

    31. Minion Happy

    Even the big kids love Despicable Me. Here are the directions to make your own minions!

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