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    22 Cool Classroom Posters You Can Find On Etsy For $12 Or Less

    Start warming up the laminator ...

    1. We All Make Them!

    2. Point of View Explained

    3. Forgot all about the Ordovician period?

    4. Perfect Ps and Qs

    5. 199 Alternatives to Is and Was

    6. You're an Original!

    7. Because We Love a Good Detective Novel

    8. Hang It Above Your Electric Sharpener

    9. Expelliarmus!

    10. Microscopic Wonders

    11. Meet the Teacher

    12. Perfect for your writing center ...

    13. Candela or Kelvin?

    14. Bam! Splat! Boom!

    15. Scrabbled Up

    16. Geometry, Feline Edition

    17. Seuss in Subtle Colors

    18. So Sayeth Caesar

    19. You want to draw on it, don't you?

    20. Everybody Loves the Ampersand

    21. It's Up to You!

    22. Quadralateral Art