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31 Amazing Teacher Halloween Costumes

These are teachers who go all out! Here are 31 costumes that will impress your students and (some) that reinforce your teaching. Thanks to the many educators who shared their Halloween duds.

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6. Minions

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They're everywhere! Personalize your Minion costume to reflect your content area. Teach science? Don safety goggles and carry a rack of test tubes. All about ancient history? Add a toga and carry a scroll.

12. Guess Who!

Make this costume even more fun by dressing up as historical or literary characters and having students figure out who you are. Did you fight in the Revolutionary War? Do you have a sidekick named Watson?

27. Little Pig, Little Pig

These easy storybook-inspired costumes are perfect for a kindergarten teaching team. To mix it up, adapt the costumes to dress up as the fractured fairy tale The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

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