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    31 Amazing Teacher Halloween Costumes

    These are teachers who go all out! Here are 31 costumes that will impress your students and (some) that reinforce your teaching. Thanks to the many educators who shared their Halloween duds.

    1. A told B and B told C ...

    I'll meet you in class! Chicka Chicka Happy Halloween!

    2. Falling Dominoes

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    This group costume is best when the entire school is on board.

    3. Turtle Power!

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    With Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo, all you need is a Master Splinter.

    4. The Opposite of Bite-Size

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    Give kids a preview of what they're going to get when they trick-or-treat.

    5. See How They Run

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    These Three Blind Mice costumes are clever and comfy.

    6. Minions

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    They're everywhere! Personalize your Minion costume to reflect your content area. Teach science? Don safety goggles and carry a rack of test tubes. All about ancient history? Add a toga and carry a scroll.

    7. Old-School

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    Puffy paint, black T-shirts and memories of Nintendo and Atari are all you need to re-create your childhood Pacman, Tetris and Pong video games.

    8. Rainbow Fish

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    Shiny scales sewn or glued onto an apron instantly turn an outfit into Rainbow Fish.

    9. Olivia

    Become everyone's favorite storybook pig for Halloween.

    10. Bring the Old House in Paris to Life

    Re-create "twelve little girls in two straight lines" with inspiration from Madeline.

    11. The Swamp

    All you need is a curler, some makeup and a black dress to become the dreaded Viola Swamp.

    12. Guess Who!

    Make this costume even more fun by dressing up as historical or literary characters and having students figure out who you are. Did you fight in the Revolutionary War? Do you have a sidekick named Watson?

    13. The Book Fairy

    An old book transforms into the book fairy with the cover as wings and pages for a skirt.

    14. The Jolly Green Giant

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    Add veggies to Halloween with the Giant.

    15. Super-Teachers

    Here you come to save the day! This costume can be created quickly by adding a "super" emblem to a white shirt.

    16. The Potato Heads

    Mix and match mouths, ears and noses throughout the day to get even more out of these costumes.

    17. The Classic

    What's an elementary school Halloween without the Frizz?

    18. Get Graphing

    Perhaps the best costume for a math teacher, this calculator costume makes Halloween a great day to introduce sine, cosine and tangent.

    19. A Full Forecast

    Use butcher paper and posterboard to create a costume for every weather forecast.

    20. Cow Pie

    This costume adds an additional Pi day into the year (in addition to March 14, that is).

    21. Let the Games Begin

    Come to school as Effie Trinket for a day and keep the odds in your favor.

    22. Wowsers!

    This costume allows you to surprise students with gadgets, from the Top Secret Gadgetphone to the Gadget Binoculars.

    23. From the Art Bin

    Glue, paint and crayons are just the start of the office supply costumes that you can create (see #30 for another one).

    24. A Bad Case of Stripes

    Dress up as A Bad Case of the Stripes and you can build an entire day around healthy eating instead of candy.

    25. Doggone It

    Got a white bowl, a white canister and a black Sharpie? Then you've got a Snoopy costume!

    26. Halloween Idioms

    Fill your school with idioms this Halloween.

    27. Little Pig, Little Pig

    These easy storybook-inspired costumes are perfect for a kindergarten teaching team. To mix it up, adapt the costumes to dress up as the fractured fairy tale The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

    28. The Professor

    Facebook: WeAreTeachers

    It's a magical day, ProfessorTrelawney.

    29. Some Pig

    Freckles, flannel, a pig and a spider create a memorable E.B. White–inspired costume.

    30. College Ruled

    Paint stripes onto a white outfit and you have the perfect costume for a writing teacher.

    31. On the Wall

    The ultimate teacher costume: Create a human word wall.