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    21 Faces Everyone Who Knows An Elementary Teacher Will Recognize

    Because there are SO many variations of the infamous "teacher face"...

    1. The "That Question Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With What We're Talking About" Face

    2. The "I'm Trying to Be Professional and Not Crack Up Laughing at Something Hilarious a Kid Just Said" Face

    3. The "OMG! The Principal Just Walked Into My Class for a Surprise Observation, and We Were About to Watch a Film" Face

    4. The "Sure, I'm Heading Home at 3:30 to Relax" Face

    5. The "Shocker! I Just got ANOTHER Teacher-Themed Coffee Mug for Teacher Appreciation Week" Face

    6. The "I Can't Believe I Have to Tie Your Shoelaces That Are Probably Soaked in Pee From Dragging on the Boys' Bathroom Floor" Face

    7. The "Why Can't Your Parents Dress You in Slip-On Shoes So I Don't Have to Tie Your Pee-Soaked Laces AGAIN?" Face

    8. The "I Haven't Got a Clue How to Answer This Question a Student Just Asked About the Lesson" Face

    9. The "I'm Just Going to Wait Until It's Quiet" Face

    10. The "Did Someone Say There's a Sale on Dry-Erase Markers?" Face

    11. The "Are You Talking While I'm Talking?" Face

    12. The "There's Only One More Week of Summer Vacation" Face

    13. The "I Just Nailed the Lesson for My Observation" Face

    14. The "I Love Lesson Planning on Sunday Nights!" Face

    15. The "Did You Really Just Ask If You Need to Write in Complete Sentences" Face


    16. The "I Can't Wait to Try Out This New Idea I Found on Pinterest" Face

    17. The "I Just Landed My Dream Teaching Job!" Face

    18. The "It's a Snow Day!" Face

    19. The "Saying Goodbye to Your Students on the Last Day of School" Face

    20. The "Why Does Target Need to Put Back-to-School Stuff Out in July (But I Secretly Love It)?" Face

    21. The "I've Worked So Hard With This Student and He FINALLY Got It!" Face