19 Teacher "Fails" That Will Happen To You Too!

Whether you've been teaching for 19 days or 19 years, chances are you've succumbed to at least a few of these teacher mishaps.

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5. The Misnomer

It happens to the best of us: You call a student by the wrong name or, even better, forget a student's name altogether. (This offense is even worse after the first of October 1.)

11. Fashion Faux Pas

At some point, your students will realize that you've worn the same pants two days in a row (or, even better, that you wear the same five "teacher outfits" every week). Then, you get to take fashion advice from a fourth grader.

14. All Mine

You call everyone "one of my kids" whether they're directly related to you or not. Even better, after you've been teaching for years, you'll call former students who are technically adults, "my kids."

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