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    17 Retro School Supplies We Wish Were On Our Shopping Lists

    Forget iPads and hand sanitizer. As back-to-school shopping starts up, these are the school supplies we remember fondly.

    1. Cardboard Pencil Boxes

    2. 10-Color Pens

    3. Anything Lisa Frank

    4. Trapper Keepers

    5. Rubber Cement

    6. Push-a-Point Pencils

    7. Pee Chee Folders

    8. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

    9. Pink Pearl Erasers

    10. Metal Lunch Box and Matching Thermos

    11. Old-School Jansport Backpacks

    12. Hand-Held Pencil Sharpeners

    13. Floppy Disks

    14. Husky Pencils

    15. Erasable Pens

    16. Flashcards

    17. Calculator Watches