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    16 Ways That Summer Drastically Improves Teachers' Lives

    It's the little things.

    1. Goodbye, alarm clock.

    2. Your morning commute is no longer lit by moonlight.

    3. Shopping is an entirely different experience.

    4. Traffic no longer unhinges you emotionally.

    5. You actually have time to do the errands you'd been meaning to do all school year.

    6. You regularly forget what day it is.

    7. You share the gym with a handful of retired folks and moms at 11 AM instead of with EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET at 7 PM.

    8. You no longer have to feel guilty about the naps you take on weekday afternoons.

    9. You have time to read.

    10. You reteach yourself to eat leisurely, like a civilized human, instead of inhaling handfuls of Starbursts meant for students.

    11. Your apartment/house might actually look presentable.

    12. Realizing that you've stayed up past 10 on a weeknight is no longer horrifying.

    13. You can actually catch up and socialize with family and friends who have forgiven you for unreturned calls and texts, short tempers during the end of grading periods, and being roped into grading/crafts/school projects for the past nine months.

    14. You can pee whenever you want.

    15. You don't have to bring your giant tote bag or laptop case when you go out.

    16. Your FitBit sometimes stays in the single digits if you're not careful.

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