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    16 Awesome Ways To Display Student Work

    Done with bulletin boards that take hours and an interior design degree to pull off? Show off kid art and writing instead. By WeAreTeachers. Visit us at

    1. Colorful Clothesline

    Two wooden end pieces, string and clothespins. Brilliant!

    2. Squares of Color

    Paint colorful squares and rectangles (add inspiring words if you like) to serve as mats for children's artwork.

    3. Folding Screen Display

    Glass panels make it easy to change your display as often as you'd like.

    4. Clip Gallery

    Metal clips hot-glued to painted strips of wood. Quick and easy!

    5. Color-Matched Frames

    Grab a few frames from the secondhand store, spray-paint them all the same color, and voilà!

    6. Natural Elements

    Wire an interesting tree branch to the ceiling, then use raffia or twine to hang pictures vertically.

    7. Clear Pocket Pages

    Change out images easily with these handy pockets.

    8. Clear Page-Protector Sheets

    Connect clear page protectors with metal fasteners for another adaptable display.

    9. Clipboard Display

    Spray-paint clipboards a matching color, mount to the wall and you're ready to go!

    10. Wooden Clip Hangers

    Paint the wooden part of a clip hanger, mount it on the wall and you have a lovely display.

    11. Scrabble Board Display

    The great thing about this display is you only have to put up the letters once, and then you can change out the student work with each unit to keep it fresh.

    12. Wood and Wire


    Stretch wire between two eyehole screws mounted into stained wood plank.

    13. Metallic Magnet Board


    Grab a piece of sheet metal from your local hardware store, wrap the edges with duct tape to hide the sharp edges, and display art with your favorite magnets.

    14. Animal/Shape Clips


    Hot-glue painted wooden cut-outs (found at your local craft store) to clothespins, then mount clothespins on a strip of 1x2. Attach to the wall and you're ready to display kids' work.

    15. Room Divider


    Teach at a school without walls? Use the room dividers as a beautiful art display.

    16. Hanging Yardstick


    Yardstick, yarn and clamp clips with the handles pointed down. Easy art mobile!

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