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15 Very Best Educational Apps For Kids

Looking for some new educational fun for your kids? We've put together a list of our five favorite educational apps for preschoolers, five best educational apps for early elementary kids and the five best educational apps for upper elementary kids. You can find every app in the iTunes store just by clicking the image. So click, download and start learning! By WeAreTeachers. Visit us at

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Best Apps for Early Learning: Preschool & Kindergarten

We've picked our five favorite apps for young kids that will keep them learning even while they're on the iPad! Kids love these games because they're fun—parents and teachers love them because they're educational.

1. PBS Parents Play and Learn (Free!)


Your preschoolers will ask to play the fun learning games on this app again and again! There are lessons for early reading skills, math and science, all designed by the early childhood experts at PBS Kids. Not only are the games fun, there are descriptions that suggest activities that parents can do with kids away from the screen. Bonus: There's a Spanish-language version!

2. Grandma's Garden ($2.99)


We love this app. When we leave our iPad unattended, we'll often find evidence that the children have been using it because the iPad will be open to this or one of the other Grandma and Grandpa games by Fairlady Media. These games are full of interactive fun for preschoolers, teaching basic skills like reading, counting and science. Your child will be enchanted by the lovable Grandma and Grandma characters.

3. Kodable (Free!)


Teaching kids to code is all the rage, but did you know you can even teach kids as young as kindergarten? If you want your kids to have skills for the 21st century, set them up with Kodable. They'll learn the logic and fundamentals of writing code, and they'll have a blast doing it. The game is so fun and enticing, the kids won't even realize they're picking up valuable skills along the way.

4. MoMA Art Lab (Free!)


Some say when it comes to learning, the best thing to foster is creativity. MoMA Art Lab lets your child's creativity flow. They can learn to create images and problem-solve along the way. Kids can build with shapes, draw pictures and even add photographs to their artwork. Plus, they'll be entertained for hours!

5. Bugsy in Preschool ($2.99)


Preschoolers are enthralled with the lovable guinea pig Bugsy. He welcomes kids into his digital home, where they answer pre-literacy questions that unlock fun toys that fill up Bugsy's room. In between the learning questions, kids get to play with the toys they've unlocked for Bugsy. He covers math, reading, writing and more. Bugsy has a whole collection of apps that meet the needs of kindergartners and first graders too.

Best Apps for Early Elementary: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades

These apps are perfect for kids who are just starting to take off in their learning. Words and numbers are starting to make sense. It's the perfect time to make learning fun and engaging with apps. Kids love the games, adults love the learning!

6. Marble Math Jr. ($2.99)


Having trouble getting your kids to dive in and practice their math facts? This is the app you need! The marble maze interface for this app makes it incredibly hard to put down! Kids tilt the iPad to move the marble through the maze and answer math questions as they go. If your child doesn't quite have the coordination to move the marble by moving the iPad, they can also drag the marble with their finger. Whether they're reviewing basic math facts or learning geometric concepts, kids love playing this game and hardly realize they're practicing math when they do it!

7. Teach Me: 2nd Grade ($1.99)


The Teach Me apps (for all levels from preschool through 3rd grade) are such a great value! Kids answer a few problems at a time and then earn stickers and other prizes for each question they answer correctly. What makes the app especially valuable is that teachers and parents can adjust the number of questions that students must answer correctly to be rewarded. This keeps kids from getting bored. Parents can also track which skills kids have mastered. Most of the apps cover reading, writing and math, but there is an app just for practicing math facts too. Your kids will love this one!

8. Daisy the Dinosaure (Free!)


They teach college kids at Yale to write code the same way they teach kids in the Daisy the Dinosaur apps. They do it this way because it's fun, it's easy and it works! Kids move blocks around to write programs that make Daisy the Dinosaur dance and have all kinds of fun! Do you want your kids to learn real, practical technology skills? Get them started in learning how to write code for computers with this fun app.

9. Stack the States ($1.99)


This was one of the first apps for kids to get attention, and it's still a favorite. Kids love to play Stack the States. It's like tetris, but with a social studies twist. Kids learn the shapes of the states by stacking them, and then they learn the location, capitals, landmarks and other fun facts as they work their way through the games on the app. It's so much fun that you may find yourself playing it too!

10. Kids Weather ($1.99)


What a fun way to learn about the weather! This app tracks the forecast for your area, and also helps kids figure out how to dress appropriately for the weather with images and suggestions. With details on moon phases plus small lessons on Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, this app will keep your little scientist entertained, and your fashion maven dressed appropriately!

Best Apps for Upper Elementary: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade

Upper elementary aged kids need more challenge in their apps. These apps are fun and they will also get your older kid thinking. They'll capture and hold the attention of most tweens to keep them learning, even when they're on a digital device.

11. Sushi Monster (Free!)


This is not your average math fact practice app. First, it's way more fun, and second, it encourages flexible thinking about numbers, not just rote memorization. Kids have to feed the "Sushi Monster" the right combination of numbers to satisfy his hunger. So there may be a variety of correct answers to each problem. This is the app kids will pick if you say, I don't care how you practice your facts, but you need to practice them somehow. They'll pull up Sushi Monster, start playing, and forget they're even learning.

12. Sparky's Brain Busters (Free!)


This entertaining app will challenge your upper elementary aged kid with all sorts of academic questions. There's a fun wheel to spin that decides your question category: Math, Fire Safety, Science, or Social Studies. Kids have a certain amount of time to answer a certain number of questions and win "prizes" for correct answer. Sparky actually has a ton of fun games in the app store for all age groups, including preschoolers. Search "Sparky" in the app store and look for Sparky the Fire Dog on the app image.

13. Khan Academy (Free!)


What do you want your child to learn today? Chances are good you can find it on Khan Academy. Kids can do everything from practice math facts to learn how to write code with this single app. All they need is an account with Khan academy to track their learning. While this app is great for any age group (including adults!) upper elementary kids often get the most out of all of the free learning opportunities that are part of Khan Academy.

14. Science 360 (Free!)


This app will capture the attention of the most reluctant student scientist. With videos that wrap science into virtually any topic you can imagine, your young learner will be totally engaged. Have a football lover? Find out about the aerodynamics involved in throwing an ellipse shaped ball. Got an animal lover in your family? There's a video that talks about the biology of training service dogs. These are just 2 of 100 plus science videos! We've never seen an app with so many science lessons (that are all fabulous!) all in one place.

15. Star Walk ($0.99)


Do you have a budding astronomer? Are you a budding astronomer? This app is fun for kids of all ages, but particularly for those older elementary students that are wanting to get a handle on all of the billions of stars that come out each night. One of our favorite features of this app is the way that you can hold your tablet up to the sky and it will recognize the constellation it sees, and then pull up the name of that constelation. It lists constellations, stars, solar systems and even satellites!

15. Impoppable (Free!)


Impoppable is the super fun app designed by the people who wrote the Zearn online math curriculum. Kids gain number sense, and review basic facts in this challenging, but fun, bubble bursting game. Though it's geared for the older elementary child, even younger children will enjoy working through the levels to pop bubbles that add up to a particular number. Like this post? See more WeAreTeachers at our site, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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