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11 Awesomely Terrible Homework Excuses

The teachers we heard from have witnessed the bite marks on the shredded remains of homework eaten by dogs, cats, toddlers, pot-bellied pigs and even llamas. But some homework excuses just don't cut it. Here are 13 of the most atrocious excuses from students and parents as reported by the teachers on the WeAreTeachers facebook page.

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1. From a high school student: "I didn't exactly READ the book, but I did watch the movie, and my mom made me turn on the closed captioning."

2. From a parent: "Sorry, Jonah didn't do his math homework last night. I promised him he could complete the next level in his video game and it took him all night!"

3. From a fifth grader: "My grandmother died again."

4. From a first grader: "My mom hasn't finished it yet but she'll turn it in as soon as it's ready."

5. From an eighth grader: "After I heard Justin Bieber was arrested, I was too upset to do the reading."

6. A student had been absent for a few days before a long term assignment was due. From the father: "My son didn't have the same opportunity to procrastinate as the other students."

7. From a 6-year-old: "I couldn't do my homework because I was shaving my legs." Umm, no.

8. From an 11th grader: "I did my homework but I forgot to write it down."

9. Another 11th grader: "Miss, I did my essay. I got in my truck and put it on the seat beside me. Then, a mile out, my truck stopped cold with a horrible whining noise and bright lights! Then the side door opened and this little gray man TOOK MY ESSAY!"

10. After catching a student cheating on his math homework. From the parent: "The only reason he cheated is because he didn't know the answers. Otherwise, that never would have happened."

11. And here's one we know to be true: "My dad spilled coffee on my homework and then caught it on fire while trying to dry it in the microwave."

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