12 #NoKXL Vigils That Will Restore Your Faith In Our Future

On February 3rd thousands of people took part in over 280 protest vigils across the country calling on President Obama to reject Keystone XL. Young people showed up in force reminding Obama that we won’t stop until we get the change we were promised!

1. Young people know our future is at stake…

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2. And we’re gonna keeping fighting all over the country.

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Students in Boulder, Colorado rally against Keystone XL.

3. Because tar sands is already impacting communities.

Activists in Houston stand in solidarity with Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) and their 3 activists, Vicci, Lisa & Barb, who are facing jail time for protecting their community from Enbridge Inc.—a company responsible for a toxic tar sands spill in 2010.

4. And we need a real Power Shift!

5. A shift toward a brighter future…

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6. Where energy is sustainable & our climate is no longer threatened.

7. Where our country is supporting the frontlines; not industry’s bottom line.

8. The State Department has released their review of Keystone XL.

Via UNH Student Environmental Action Coalition

A protest vigil at the University of New Hampshire

9. And now it is time for us to weigh in—it’s time for the #PeoplesReview

10. We won’t stop because we can’t stop.

11. There’s too much on the line…

12. President Obama: you already have everything you need to reject this pipeline. Lets move forward!

Via Steven Lyons

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