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    Valentine's Day: Then & Now

    Do you remember back in the day when Valentine's Day was so simple? Here's how you.. and the day of love...have changed in the last twenty years.

    What kind of valentines are your kids handing out?

    Pinterest / Via

    Then: Your mom spent $1 on a box of tear-out Valentine's and told you to write your name on them while you ate breakfast on Valentine's Day.

    Now: You began preparations for your kid's Pinterest-worthy Valentine's cards starting in November and ordered their custom-printed bags in plenty of time for them to write their names in gold glitter pen.

    What's in the box for your sweetheart?

    Pinterest / Via

    Then: A cute little teddy bear with tiny hearts on his sweater.

    Now: Now you think outside the box. This year, it's a hand-built blanket fort where you can lounge on custom pillows and sip tea while eating scones with your Valetine.

    What are you going to wear? / Via

    Then: Your trusty red dress that has gotten you through so many Valentine's Days before.

    Now: Your trusty 'Fries Before Guys' T-shirt. If it's clean.

    You signed up for party snacks at your kid's party. What are you going to bring?

    She Knows / Via

    Then: Conversation hearts by the handful. What's Valentine's Day without sugar, sugar and more sugar?

    Now: Tiny heart-sharped brownies filled with a surprise filling of Valentine's Day M & M's. That or an organic fruit salad made with only red fruits.

    What's to drink at your kid's Valentine's party?


    Then: Cherry Kool-Aid for everyone!

    Now: The room mom makes a lovely "Sweetheart Punch" with organic raspberry juice, agave nectar and sparkling mineral water shipped in from Madagascar.

    What top are you planning on popping?

    Pinterest / Via

    Then: A bottle of pink champagne, poured over strawberries, just like you did last year and the year before.

    Now: A flight of microbrews that you labeled with adorable printable labels.

    You've decided to craft your Valentine's gift this year. What do you make?

    Cute DIY Projects / Via

    Then: A poster with candy bars arranged to spell out a cute lovey-dovey message.

    Now: A tiny hand-bound notebook filled with handwritten poetry about your love.

    You scored reservations for a hot date night out. Where do you go?

    Then: The local Italian joint for all-you-can-eat pasta and house white.

    Now: The little Tapas bistro that just opened up on the Eastside. The one that only has four tables and one burner in the kitchen.

    It's time to make your kid's Valentine box! What are you going to do.

    My List of Lists/Google Images / Via

    Then: You saved a shoe box and picked up a pack of stickers at the drug store. Done and done.

    Now: You're still trying to decide between the Alligator Affirmation box you saw on Pinterest or the custom-printed, hand-embroidered basket you saw on Jane.

    How do you say 'I love you' to the ones you love most?

    Pinterest / Via

    Then: You yelled 'happy Valentine's Day' out the door when they left for school this morning.

    Now: You've been working on a mash-up of all of the Post-It notes you've written to them adoringly throughout the year. You are going to arrange them into a beautiful heart on your mirror as a surprise for when they wake up.

    What will you be whipping up for dinner on Valentine's Day?

    Pinterest / Via

    Then: Hamburger Helper, what else?

    Now: Heart-shaped, handmade shrimp ravioli, what else?

    How are you going to decorate your house? / Via

    Then: That's a thing? I just finished taking down my winter holiday decor and now you want me to decorate for Valentine's Day?

    Now: You made the most adorable heart-shaped wreath made from cupcake liners. Oh, and your best friend made paper doily candle jars that you might want to copy if you have time.

    You scoured the card aisle and found the perfect call for your Valentine. What's it like? / Via

    Then: You found the perfect card with a kitten and dog kissing with a heart-shaped pillow between them.

    Now: Any card with a 'Netflix and chill' reference is the right card for you.

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