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    If You Let Your Threenager Be In Charge Of Father's Day

    If you have a threenager (you know, a three-year-old who thinks he or she is a teenager), you know that they are plumb full of fantastic ideas. So why not let your threenager plan Daddy's big day? It will be all kinds of fun for everyone... especially dad!

    Wake up time: 5 o'clock sharp

    Milan Markovic / Getty Images

    Why break out of the normal routine when the normal routine is just so much fun?

    First things first: Presents

    Nadezhda1906 / Getty Images

    The threenager mantra: Presents before coffee!

    What did Dad get?

    Simpsons / Via

    Everything he needs: Legos, a new basketball, a Princess tiara, some Star Wars action figures and a Doc McStuffins bear.

    Pancakes for breakfast!

    Please note: They must be rainbow order with a maple syrup smiley face on top. Oh, and don't forget to cut off the crusts.

    Next up: Let's play dress up!

    I Miss Buddy Holly / Via

    Daddy gets to be the princess!

    Daddy gets to play with ME!

    Reddit / Via

    Let's do that thing where Dad throws the play tunnel two hundred times.

    It's 10:46 a.m., so (obviously) lunch time.

    Giphy / Via

    Sandwiches should be cut in half with crusts removed. Wait, did you say half? I meant triangles. Oh, and put daddy's on the green plate. Because I want the blue one.


    Parks and Recreation / Via

    Or maybe we could just skip naps today and par-tay?

    It's Dad's day. Let's celebrate him!

    Mediaphotos / Getty Images

    Party favors for everyone!

    Throw all of the noisemakers away.

    G-stockstudio / Getty Images

    He forgot that he's scared of party favors.

    Maybe daddy wants to go swimming?

    Aiselin82 / Getty Images

    Threenager will provide water guns and splashes.

    Want to watch some TV, Dad?

    Televandalist / Via

    As a special gift to Dad, the threenager volunteers to work the remote control.

    Is Dad hungry? The threenager will cook dinner OWN SELF.

    Does anyone have the recipe for dino nuggets?

    Daddy's in charge of bath time.

    OhMagIf / Via

    It is, after all, his day.

    Pillow fight!

    90s90s90s / Via

    Dad's not tired and neither is the threenager.


    GifsBoom / Via

    Okay, so maybe the threenager was a bit tired.

    Happy Father's Day Dads!

    Reddit / Via

    We hope your day is full of all of the fun you can handle!

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