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    35 Hilarious Photos That Prove #KidsAreTheWorst

    The hashtag #kidsaretheworst is trending right now. If you do a search on Instagram, you'll find plenty of awesome photos that show kids in not-so-flattering, but oh-so-hilarious moments. Parenthood is filled with adventure, and we think these photos prove why #kidsaretheworst (and also the best)!

    1. When making a mess with the flour isn't enough because they just HAD to get the dog involved.

    2. When creative expression gets in the way of a joyful holiday.

    3. When getting "hyped up on sugar" takes on a whole new meaning.

    4. When marking on the walls also turns into marking up the dog.

    5. When the body becomes a canvas for great art.

    6. When your child wants to make your pet look like the Target dog.

    7. When you have a lot of work to do, and this happens.

    8. When you have not one, but TWO, tantrums in public.

    9. When you find two of the lost remotes, but one is still missing.

    10. When a nice afternoon of baking turns into a nice afternoon of cleaning.

    11. When play time takes a turn for the worse.

    12. When you're just trying to get them to eat, and you end up wearing most of it.

    13. When your organizational skills are challenged.

    14. When you find yourself in a sticky situation.

    15. When you think they were napping, but then you walk into this.

    16. When THIS happens for the THIRD time in a week.

    17. When it's all in good fun until you end up at the ENT doctor.

    18. When they gang up together and try to look cute afterward.

    19. When you thought you heard something going on in the bathroom but chose to ignore it.


    20. When you can't even blame the dog because you don't have one.


    21. When you just finished cleaning the kitchen.


    22. When your brand new monitor arrives, and this happens a week later.


    23. When you've already bathed the baby 2 times today.

    24. When there's no use crying over spilled milk.

    25. When it just grosses you out.

    26. When you think you've seen the grossest it can get, and then this happens.

    27. When the dog is abused by the baby yet again.

    28. When your pets have no defense against the children.

    29. When they gang up on you.

    30. When you thought they were playing nicely.

    31. When it's been a bad puke week, and you just can't take anymore.


    32. When she has to show everyone her owie.

    33. When your older child was definitely the instigator.

    34. When you left Dad in charge for the night.

    35. When you turn your back for a minute, and this happens.

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