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    21 Things Moms Don't Want To Hear (Especially On Mother's Day)

    Kids these days. They make us roll our eyes in disbelief and grimace in pain, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Still, there are certain questions, phrases, and words we could do without hearing, especially on Mother's Day. Share this with all your mom friends, your hubby, and your kids. Because if you could go a whole day without hearing the things on this list, then that would be a present in and of itself.

    1. “What’s for dinner?”

    Just shake your head and walk away.

    2. "Didn't you do the laundry?"

    We think it's about time to teach your kids a new household skill.

    3. "I can't find my __________________."

    Why is is that no one can find things like Mom?

    4. “I’m tired.”

    You and me both, kiddo.

    5. “You look tired.”

    You can think it, but you should never say it.

    6. “Mom, the toilet won’t flush.”

    Who knows what got flushed down the pipes in the last 24 hours.

    7. “I don't like this food.”

    Of course, they liked it two days ago.

    8. “Uh-oh.”

    These are NEVER words that moms want to hear.

    9. “Mom. She won’t stop copying me.”

    Put this on the list of phrases you could live without, along with "Are we there yet?" and "She won't stop looking at me!"

    10. “You smell funny.”

    Well, that's just not nice!

    11. “Are you pregnant?”

    You shouldn't ask this of a woman unless they're on their way to labor and delivery.

    12. “Are you going to shower today?”

    First of all, showering daily is completely overrated. Second of all, no. Just no.

    13. “Are you on your period?”

    Surely everyone knows better than to say this. Surely?

    14. “You know what Sarah’s mom lets her do?”

    Don't know. Don't care. Don't tell me.

    15. “I’m bored.”

    Don't fall for it. This is NOT your problem.

    16. “Can I borrow $20?”

    The answer is no, but you don't have to cry about it.

    17. “What should we get Dad for Father’s Day?”

    Excuse me? Are you kidding me right now?

    18. “Why can’t we watch what I want to watch?”

    You know how to sing ALL the theme songs to their favorite shows. Don't even acknowledge the whining.

    19. “Dad is grumpy, so we woke you up instead.”


    20. "Mom, the dog STINKS!"

    This is never going to end well.

    21. “I like that you’re squishy.”

    Ahhh, what do you say to this? The better to hug you with my dear?!

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