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11 Reasons To Start A Company In New York City

If you think San Francisco is the only place where you can start a tech business, we're happy to tell you that you're mistaken. Here are a few reasons to set your entrepreneurial sights on NYC, and to learn more about what Mayor Bloomberg is doing to promote innovation in the Big Apple, visit

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1. It's The Center Of The Universe


Deep down, everybody knows this to be true. The best and brightest come to NYC to change the world and help build the future, and from finance to fashion, media to real estate, it will always be home to the biggest industries on earth.

3. Tech Investing Is Now Considered An Industry Here

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Everyone knows about the advertising, fashion design, banking and media companies in the city. But the newest (and arguably most powerful) new industry is investing in tech. NYC Seed, for instance, recognizes companies on the verge of accomplishing something great and gives them the financial leg-up that they need to start playing with the big dogs.

4. Startups Here Support Each Other

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The tech community differs from other businesses because people take care of each other, rather than stabbing competitors in the back. For proof, check out how many companies offered to share workspace with other businesses during Hurricane Sandy.

5. Cornell Is Building A "Tech Campus" On Roosevelt Island

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When complete, the school will add another 2,000 engineering students to NYC — which will be very helpful when you're looking for your future business partner.

6. Your Office Could Be In An Incredibly Historic Building


Everyone will want to come check out your new business just so they can casually drop "oh, hey, I went to a meeting at the flatiron building today" over dinner with friends.

7. NYC Has More College Students Than Boston Has People

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This is good, because you'll need lots of young minds with new ideas and different perspectives to help to fuel your company and churn out great work. As for hard statistics, we'll trust the mayor on this one.

9. There are More Than 1,000 Companies Hiring for Tech Jobs In The City

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If for some reason your startup fails, don't race out to Silicon Valley in a complete panic. Do the smart thing and order yourself a pizza and make a night of browsing listings on the Made in NY Digital Map.

10. The City Is Built For Working Hard And Playing Hard

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Since there are so many creative and driven people living in the city, there are thousands of opportunities to celebrate life or try something new. Pursue new hobbies, see your favorite musicians play great shows, or enjoy the best restaurants to reward yourself for blazing a new trail.

11. Have A Relationship With Something Other Than A Car

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Like maybe a bicycle, because there are more than 500 miles of bike lanes in the city. OR (and this is probably what you thought we meant), another human being who wants to make an impact on the world as much as you do.