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10 Awesome Startup Offices In NYC

Everyone knows startups are among the most fun and innovative companies in the world. The kind of offices you find in New York are no different—though you might find just as many horse masks. Think you could design an even cooler office? Head over to and see how you could build a company from the ground up.

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Fab's mission is to make you smile! Their website/app delivers you deals on fun products from clothes to tech gadgets and everything in between. Just look at their office! Doesn't it scream, "Fab?"

4. Percolate


Percolate helps brands develop their social media presences, and just like BuzzFeed did back in the day, theirs prominently features a sassy red couch (an obvious indicator of success).



Quirky took the laborious process of inventing a new product and simplified it. And their office is classic startup — glass walls, bright lights, wood floors, exposed pipes... all very much reflective of the kind of environment where good ideas are born.

9. Thrillist


Thrillist's job is to keep men up to date about the latest trends in fashion, tech, entertainment, and the New York office is as thrilling as you'd think it would be. Who wouldn't be jealous of literally everything in this picture?

10. Artsy

Artsy is a new way to discover, learn about, and collect art. Their mission is to make fine art accessible to as many people as possible. Artsy's office is located in Chinatown, and they have a really beautiful view of the city.

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