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11 Photo Projects That Are Completely Inspired

These photo projects are cranking the creativity dial to: AWESOME. Check out WD Ventito™ for more awesome projects and find tips and tricks to start your own.

1. The GoPro Planet

Jonas Ginter created the technology to implement these moving spherical panoramas... which essentially means that he made these beautiful mini planets move... which is just the best.

2. New Hollywood

Robin Roemer explores modern celebrity by photographing YouTube stars like the celebrities of Hollywood's golden era. And they look awesome. Shown above are Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, and Tyler Oakley respectively.

3. Dancers Among Us

These aren't photoshopped. What you see are the super-impressive photographs that Jordan Matter shot. So impressive, in fact, that this photo project has become a New York Times Best Seller.

4. Confessions of the World's Best Father

Dave Engledow has been taking these photo scenes with his daughter, Alice, since she was a newborn. This father-daughter duo show what it's like to be growing up in today's big bad iWorld.

5. Self Evident Truths

6. Ghosts of History

These photos give historical context to some of Europe's most famous landscapes. Needless to say, it's more than a little jarring to see Hitler back in Paris.

7. The Awkward Years Project

Between the adorable child phase and the rest of your life, everyone goes through a few awkward years. Merilee Allred documents adults coming face-to-face with photos of the awkward kids they used to be.

8. What I Be Project

Steve Rosenfield prints people's fears on their skin and turns those insecurities into stunning portraits. This project's goal is to build security through insecurity.

9. #LoveTunnelNYC

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Courtesy of RUVAN / Ruvi Leider / Francois Vaxelaire / Shohei Miyachi

New York-based photographer RUVAN brightened up the 14th Street subway station for Valentine's Day. He filled the walls with photos of couples kissing, then he snapped a few more couples kissing in front of the photos. Perfection.

10. Famous Polaroid

This has got to be the largest collection of signed celebrity Polaroids... ever. To prove it, we've pulled a few members from the cast of Game of Thrones — because the Mother of Dragons proves everything.

11. #lastyearofselfies

Kyle Warfield has taken selfies to the next level. With his background in design, he took 365 photos (a full year of selfies) and turned them into stop-motion genius. Check out the full animation here.