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12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

They're the coolest fish on earth. Sharks are coming to Brooklyn in 2016. Become a part of New York history and help build the new virtual shimmer wall at the New York Aquarium today!

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2. Some sharks are real good at being BIG. The whale shark is the largest fish on the entire planet.

They also have specific spots around their gills, kind of like a human fingerprint, that helps researchers identify them individually, and can live up to 150 years!

7. Hammerhead sharks can see (almost) ev-er-y-thang better than anything else underwater, without the use of any kind of glasses.

These sharks can see just about 360 degrees around their body, with only two blind spots (in front of their snout and behind their head).

8. Whoa, baby! A frilled shark can handle being pregnant for up to 3.5 years, which is insane and deserves some recognition, because if it took that long to hatch a baby, a lot less people would probably be born.

11. These guys have superpowers that mutants would be jealous of.

Sharks have electroreception, which allows them to notice changes in saltwater electricity conduction. If that's not enough, certain species can even glow in the dark, and others can heat their own eyeballs.

But sadly, there’s one thing sharks don’t do better — they can’t recover quickly enough from human impacts and overfishing.

Make history by contributing to the virtual shimmer wall at the New York Aquarium, and get ready to take a bite out of this new shark experience!

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