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How The Chainsmokers Went From Fun And Upbeat To Dark And Sort Of Gloomy

The Notorious B.I.G. famously said, "Mo money, mo problems." Those words of wisdom have been validated by pretty much every successful person familiar with his work. Especially those in the music business. It seems that the Chainsmokers are the latest mega stars to get cut by the double edged sword of celebrity.

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The Chainsmokers have dropped a new EP called "Sick Boy...Everybody Hates Me" seemingly daring their detractors to make the obvious joke. They released three singles so far, "Everybody Hates Me," "You Ow Me" and "Sick Boy," all of which are stark contrasts to their previous efforts.

The sounds are more subdued, the lyrics no longer painting pictures of Coronas by the beach or a throbbing mass surrounding a festival stage. These Chainsmokers are darker and battle worn.

The Grammy winning duo has channeled personal drama into a sound that has divided music critics and generated a lot of conversation among fans.

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“Everybody Hates Me” is the most upbeat of their three downer singles, featuring a triumphant EDM drop that would give “Roses” a run for its money, and has the sugary synth work notably absent from the rest of the EP. It seems as if their meteoric rise to intentional stardom came at a price they weren't entirely prepared to pay.

We've heard it before from people that go from relative obscurity to fame. The drama, the fake friends, the unwanted attention, it can be overwhelming, and it seems the Chainsmokers are not immune to the trappings of celebrity. So they've channeled their emotions into music, giving fans something unfamiliar from their much happier tunes.

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Whether it's your cup of tea or not, it's always nice to see growth from an artist in terms of subject matter, especially when they're coming off massive chart success.

A lot of people whether they are musicians or filmmakers tend to recycle what worked the first time. Instead the Chainsmokers defiantly did what they wanted. We'll see how it works for them.

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