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Here's Everything You Should Know About wayOUT, A Nonprofit Empowering LGBTQ+ Youth

Investing in wayOUT means investing in life-saving resources for LGBTQ+ youth. Learn more about wayOUT here and donate today.

It's Pride season, which means a lot of things: honoring the movement's trailblazers, protesting, celebrating, and, of course, giving back to vulnerable members of the queer community.

wayOUT is a nonprofit with a focus on uplifting smaller, local LGBTQ+ organizations that lack the same resources as larger orgs in more populous cities.

In financially supporting these smaller organizations, wayOUT is able to provide LGBTQ+ youth in their respective cities with crucial resources they might not normally have access to.

So how does all this work? Effectively, wayOUT acts as the "middle person" between donors and niche LGBTQ+ orgs that lack the same sort of reach as wayOUT.

With wayOUT's reach and resources, these smaller orgs are able to receive funds from places that might otherwise feel challenging to derive the same kind of support from.

In order to pinpoint relevant orgs and delineate grants, wayOUT locates, vets, and interviews a myriad of LGBTQ+ youth centers in need of funding (many of which are located within more conservative communities).

wayOUT also reviews hundreds of applications a year in order to offer formal grants to these youth centers.

Funds are also derived from social events, like wayOUT's series of "Virtual Gaylas," which celebrate queer culture via performances from some of the most notable artists within the LGBTQ+ community.

Ultimately, through wayOUT's work, the organization is changing what it means to grow up LGBTQ+ in America.

This Pride season, celebrate by giving back. Learn more about wayOUT at their website, and donate here.