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Rick James: Top 10 Performance Outfits

Rick James- A name synonymous with glitter, sex, charm, funk, music and even more glitter. He's my glittery spirit guide in go-go boots. This revolutionary funk artist showed the world that not only is style important, but so is the attitude underneath those clothes! Ever wondered what his top ten best performance outfits were of all time? I've compiled my favorites just for you, Super Freaks!

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#10: Big Time

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At #10 is Rick's glorious suit in this performance of "Big Time." Featuring a red shirt, red pants paired with the brightest white blazer, matching tie, and gold belt-it's a traffic stopping outfit! How can it get better? Throw in a pair of white shades and watch Rick wink at a cutie in the crowd.

#9: Glow

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Only Rick James could make leopard print and white lace frills look so chic! In the music video for "Glow," Rick's onstage performance in this ensemble takes the cake. Paired with his newly blonde hair and gold cross, it's a recipe for decadence.

#8: Cold Blooded

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Two words: Leather and fringe. Rick James rocked these leather fringed pants during a performance of "Cold Blooded" and the world never forgot it! Paired with leather gloves, black and white blazer, a bare chest and black necktie, this outfit makes a statement.

#7: Super Freak

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In the video that made Rick James a household name, the singer parades around in a black studded jumpsuit and black boots. But don't be fooled- the sexy ladies weren't the only special guests in the music video. Glitter had a shining moment. It was in his hair, on his body- all over! So all those glitter babies at Electric Daisy Carnival…Rick James did it first, bitches!

#6: Give It To Me Baby

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In keeping with his love of red and white, Rick James sports another classic suit in the video for "Give It To Me Baby." With red pants, a red (very unbuttoned) shirt, and plenty of gold accessories, it's the perfect "come hither" outfit. Miss the glitter? Look no further than the red glitter belt. All hail the King of Punk Funk!

#5: Throw Down

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What's a better way to keep your privates safe than a sequined jockstrap? Count on Rick James to think of it all. In the video for "Throw Down," Rick dances onto the stage wearing a black and white sequined suit dripping in beads and other sparkly things. Watch and see for yourself how this magical black, white and sequinned all over outfit shines!

#4: I'm Just A Sucker For Your Love Ft. Teena Marie

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Lightning bolts, stars and disco balls. Oh my! In this performance of "I'm Just A Sucker For Your Love" with Teena Marie, Rick James pulls out all the stops. Wearing a black and white silk jumpsuit with massive sleeves, James proves he is down to boogie. What could possibly be the cherry on top? His rhinestone encrusted sunglasses of course!

#3: She Blew My Mind (69 Times)

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The end of the countdown is near and it's hard to believe the best is still yet to come! In this performance of "She Blew My Mind (69 Times)," Rick wears another fantastic sequinned suit, this time red and white. With white beads cascading down the sides of his arms, every movement is punctuated for the ultimate funky moves.

#2: Hard To Get

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The song might be called "Hard To Get," but there's nothing hard to get when it comes to this outfit! Light blue silk, sequinned red roses, and silver boots- a combination perfect for any punk funker.

#1: Fool On The Street

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The best is finally here! Rick performed on Soul Train wearing an amazing white bell sleeved red and blue starred jacket, white jumpsuit and white leather over-the-knee boots. Fun fact: Rick wore this same suit on the cover of the album "Fire It Up." Think it couldn't get any better? This v-neck, navel baring jumpsuit has a glitter lightning bolt down the middle. Get it, ya Super Freak!

Watch this Rick James: Top Ten Performance Outfits video countdown, bitches!

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