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11 Pets Having A Better Day Than You

We all have that person we're jealous of, but we never thought we'd catch ourselves jealous of a raccoon.

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11. Buddy the world traveling hedgehog visiting the Painted Hills.

@biddythehedgehog / Via

Buddy learned all about what makes the sand red; different layers of clay stones at different periods in time by the way.

6. Chico the dog kayaking and hiking around British Columbia.

@hava_dog_life / Via

Chico lives his life with his brother Fidel. They go on adventures around British Columbia often, but they would also never pass up a rainy day snuggle.

4. Melvin the bunny not having an outfit crisis before leaving the house.

@bunnymelv / Via

Melvin, brother of another bunny Bianca, likes to dress up with bows often. Check out their Instagram to follow their crazy cage free lives!

2. or Pumpkin the Raccoon celebrating 1 million followers with a banana split.

@pumpkintheraccoon / Via

Pumpkin, a rescued racoon, lives with her siblings in her new home. She spends lots of time sleeping on the couch and watching T.V.!

No matter how amazing these pets lives are, remember what the right angle and surroundings can do for a photo. What you see is not always what it may be in real life.

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