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Everything You Need To Know If You Don’t Wanna Wash Your Hair

Waterless is changing the way people take care of their hair. BuzzFeed creators Curly, Essence, Lindsay, and Maya gave it a whirl, and they saved water, time, and energy by skipping the wash!

Good news! You can stop washing your hair every dang day.

Confidence is key to skipping the wash.

This means that on your non-wash days, you still should take care of your hair.

You've probably heard of dry shampoo, but what about dry shampoo foam?

GET THIS: Did you know there's dry conditioner, too?

Yes, you can still style unwashed hair like normal.

Don't you love it when you have a good hair day? And don't you wanna keep it going the next day?

Just identify what YOUR hair needs.

Finally, take lots of pictures of yourself in the name of science.

Get your new lifestyle started with Waterless.