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10 Ways Hackers Decide What You're Worth Using Social Media

Being "social" might just be the end of you. Turns out you've revealed a lot more than you thought you did. Use the Watch Dogs Digital Shadow Facebook App to figure out just how much the hackers already know.

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1. Check in on social media when you're at home? Now hackers know where you live. And where you sleep.

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And once they know that, they can pull all sorts of demographic data about your area. Things like average income, male–female ratio, etc.

2. Have a weak password? Hackers love people like you.


People are notorious for using the same password across multiple sites, and your Facebook password may just as well be the same password to other online services. You can figure out the rest.

3. They will go after your friends (or use your friends against you).


Getting ahold of your account will also provide them with access to your circle of friends. The more friends, the more mayhem a hacker can cause.

4. If you are a member of a group on social media, hackers can use that information to bring you down.

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Any sort of network means more users, which means more relational data on you.

5. Ever post information about your workplace on social media? This information is gold to a hacker.


Through analysis of your professional networks, hackers can use organizational structure data for corporate espionage and foreign-government and military intelligence.

8. If your phone number is listed, that gives a hacker a unique personal identifier that rarely changes.

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They can use this to access loads of other personal information, which just makes you easier to bring down.

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